Over Tech Breakfast: don't worry, we'll fix the software

Tech Breakfast: don't worry, we'll fix the software

It all starts with a simple sentence... "Don't worry, we'll fix it with software"
Spoiler alert: it does not work!

In the early stage of a product development lifecycle (IoT or any kind of embedded product: robot, satellite, etc.), we tend to commit too easily to hardware choices, be it for purchasing reasons, existing legacy, vendor relationships or even loudest person preferences.

Oftentimes, the product team is reassured by the thoughts of being able to "fix it" in software later. However the long lasting costs, both technical and financial, of these fixes is widely underestimated most of the time and it does impair the business in the long run.

Let's talk about it!

The speaker

Maxime Castéra has spent the last 12 years leading engineering organizations in diverse industries such as medical, aerospace, robotics, A/V or fintech. Either as an external consultant or as part of a management team, Maxime specializes in making work, ideas, problems but also people visible in the organization.
For more than a decade he has helped organizations kickstart, deploy, scale autonomous product teams, locally and globally, from scale-ups to large corporations.
Maxime finds his passion in pushing the boundaries of Lean & Agile product development approaches involving deep usage of strategic play techniques.

Practical info:

  • The event is free, but registration is mandatory so that we know how many people to expect for breakfast.
  • Check-in starts at 8:30am so that we can start at 9am.
  • Register here


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