Over The 5th Conference powered by FeWeb

The 5th Conference powered by FeWeb

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It’s time to rewire your thinking at the “Wired for Growth” edition of The 5th Conference. We’re not talking about untangling cables, but about unleashing the power of technology in your marketing strategies.

Imagine being fully connected, with all the wires and connections in place to supercharge your performance. This conference will provide you with the tools and insights to leverage the technology infrastructure and take your business game to the next level.

But that’s not all! Get ready to be stimulated, excited and infused with energy. We all know marketers are biologically wired to learn, and this event will give you the ultimate learning experience.

More than 30 speakers in 8 tracks

Together with Duval Union, Herculan Alliance and Lannoo Campus, FeWeb can offer you an inspiring afternoon on business strategy, sales&marketing, people&culture and technology.

More than 30 speakers such as these toppers:



>> Check the full programme on https://www.the5thconference.com/growth23/ 

Discover the Digital Champs of 2023

Next to The 5th Conference "Wired for Growth" (from 13.30 to 16.30), you can participate at the awardshow of the Digital Champs & Impact Awards (from 16.30 tot 21.00) with Lien Van de Kelder.

It will be a special edition as we're also celebrating the 20 years of FeWeb. DJ Bobby Ewing will fuel the party vibes. 

Register now!

You've got 3 options:

  • Join The 5th Conference only (125€ per person)
  • Join the Digital Champs & Impact Awards only (175€ per person or book a champaign table for 6 persons)
  • Do the Combo: The 5th Conference + Awardshow (€250 per person in stead of €300)

Don't forget: for each case submitted for the Digital Champs & Impact Awards, you'll get a free ticket for the Awardshow.

>> Book your seat here!

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