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After 2 years of corona issues, the SummerEvent is back!

Meet your digital colleagues during this inspirational, interactive and entertaining event. 

We're finalising the programme, but you can already register!

The Programme

15:45 - 16:00: Welcome

Get your badge & your drink and meet your FeWeb colleagues 

16:00 - 16:10: Intro by FeWeb

16:10 - 16:40: Honey, where is my jeans? It’s 1849 all over again!

Nick_background_Newsletter_440x320Get saddled up for a new digital rush into Web3, NFTs and the metaverse

Nick Decrock, founder and Chief Evangelist of 49/META, is helping companies to understand / prepare for / participate in the new decentralised Web3 and the Metaverse.

16:40 - 17:30: It' all about Data | It's all about Web3

Choose your track!

Choose your track!
In each room, 3 speakers enlighten you with innovative visions & cases

It's all about DATA It's all about WEB3

Privacy-friendly analytics: balancing compliance and data collection 

Vincent de Winter (PIWIK PRO)

Vincent de Winter_Newsletter_440x320

Showcases that expose the succes mechanics of WEB3

Nick Decrock (49/META)


The Odisee-case: How intelligent usage of data allows a personalized digital experience for the various audiences of Odisee.

Leen Penders (DROPSOLID)


We AR Bruges - Club Brugge & Yondr: the case & how to cooperate between agencies.

Andries De Reyghere (BITSOFLOVE)


How secure do you deliver? Research on FeWeb members 

Jan Guldentops (BA) & Roeland Lembrechts (SIRIUSLEGAL)

Roeland en Jan_Newsletter_440x320

How can small companies use AR to stimulate customer involvement? 

Daniëlle Raeijmaekers (THOMAS MORE)

Danielle Raeijmaekers_Newsletter_440x320

17:30 - 18:30 : Roundtables: The Agencies vs The Recruiters | The Algorithm | The Hackers


Let's exchange knowledge, experiences & best practices!
In these roundtables we'll discuss a certain topic and are looking for feedback:

    • What can/must you do as a digital company/professional?
    • What can/must FeWeb as a sector organisation do?

After 20 minutes you go to the next round table.

Roundtable 1: The Agencies vs The Recruiters 
Talent is the new gold. But what if recruiters steal your best people and offer new talent at high prices? With LinkedIn, recruiters seduce your staff continously with interesting opportunities. How do you keep your best people inhouse and find new talent? What must FeWeb do against unethical or aggressive recruiters?
Moderator: Patrick Marck

Roundtable 2: The Agencies vs The Algorithm
Who needs an agency? AI is running performance campaigns and delivers better results. Or not? In this roundtable we discuss the added value of the digital professional/agency of the future. How do you respond? What must FeWeb do?
Moderator: Olivier De Doncker

Roundtable 3: The Agencies vs The Hackers
We know what we do, we're not vulnerable... Cyber security is the responsability of the developer of the site, app or tool. How do you secure your projects? How can FeWeb help you (or your clients)?
Moderator: Jan Guldentops

18:30 - 20:30: Garden Fest & Networking

Enjoy the streetfood, the drinks and good company :)


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