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Privacy & Security Workshop

In the last year we’ve been overflooded with questions and demands about the EU’s new privacy laws and regulations. Most information sessions scared your customers with the high fines and the complex and blurry administrative obligations. And you as a web builder or digital (marketing) agency, you are caught in the middle, in the line of fire and are expected to fix everything. 

What minimal security requirements are needed when you're developing a digital project? What is privacy by design and how can you put this in practice? How can I do guarantee security and privacy by being smart instead of investing in expensive security technology or certification schemes? Do I have to get consent from every customer / individual? How do I manage all these (electronic) contracts? How do I guarantee the rights of my customer and their users? 

The goal of the sessions is to give you a practical framework that helps you and your team to think for yourself and use the most performant security and privacy product on the market : plain common sense. This workshop will be given in English.

A propos du formateur

Jan Guldentops has been an ICT, network and security consultant / researcher / Journalist for more than 2 decades.   With his BA team he designs, builts, supports and troubleshoots all kind of infrastructure and security solutions with a strong love and focus on open source solutions.  He is a “certified” Data Protection Officer that likes implement privacy regulations in a simple, practical way. You can reach him by mailing the shortest e-mailadres in the world ( j@ba.be ) or you can follow his ramblings on Linked or twitter. 


Le nombre de particpants est limité à 15 personnes afin de garantir la qualité et l'interactivité de la formation.


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