Over Tech Breakfast: How to clean the rivers with a laptop?

Tech Breakfast: How to clean the rivers with a laptop?

Ever wondered if a simple laptop could help to reduce the energy consumption around the world? Would you be even more surprised to learn that it can also help to remove garbage from our rivers, clear litter from remote rice fields in Vietnam, and much more? Yes: from your desk, you can directly contribute to heal our Planet Earth.

Everyone uses computers, tablets, mobile devices. Behind the scenes, the energy consumption of a digital world is massive. If you work in IT, you can help reduce this energy consumption for yourself, your company, your clients... Olivier Vergeynst will explain you how to start doing this easily, by adopting simple reflexes in your day-to-day work.

Even better, he will show you how you can help to collect and recycle tons of garbage, from your desk. And of course, you are also welcome to join him on the field !

About Olivier:

More than 20 years in various management functions and different companies taught me a lot about the small world of IT, its internal and external clients, the (usually) great people working in IT. But what about its impact on the planet? At home, we sort our waste, we have a compost in the garden, we take less the car and more the public transport... Every little action is good to take, so why not at work?

During a recent trip in Vietnam while working for a Fintech, I realised that, through our jobs in IT, we can do much more for the planet. I founded DoingGood.Consulting for this purpose.

Practical info:


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