Front-end devel­op­er bij Bits of Love

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21/12/2021 12:23 in Jobs & Stages

Front-end devel­op­er bij Bits of Love

You are an all-round front-end spe­cial­ist with a love for Javascript. You fol­low all devel­op­ments close­ly and like to immerse your­self in game and visu­al­i­sa­tion frame­works.

Knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence are there­fore impor­tant, but your moti­va­tion and pas­sion are your cru­cial assets. In this respon­si­ble posi­tion, you put extra love into the best dig­i­tal prod­ucts for top brands.

You are look­ing for a unique atmos­phere, col­leagues you can rely on and man­age­ment that does under­stand code and devi­a­tions this time :)

Your skills

  • Excellent knowledge of Javascript and experience with ReactJS or similar.
  • ReactNative experience is a strong asset, as is Node.js.
  • An eye for UI and good knowledge of HTML (5) and CSS (3).
  • You analyse quickly & can communicate this well to stakeholders.
  • You can work with MySQL or NoSQL databases.
  • You can use and create safe and efficient APIs.
  • You keep thinking about reusability.
  • For the perfect collaboration, you have experience with Git (-flow) and CI.
  • Affinity with data visualisation and open data is a plus.
  • WebGL & Three.js experience makes us completely happy.


  • You are an early adopter and you are always curious about more and better.
  • You want to be part of our knowledge-sharing culture, also outside our team (with our international friends and subsidiaries).
  • You have a positive attitude and are keen to get it "perfect", though of course as a team player.
  • Problem solving is your middle name: you believe there is always a solution, even if you can't find it on StackOverflow.
  • You don't try to come up with code that already exists.
  • You like open source, communities and the cloud.

We offer

  • A warm welcome from our close-knit and talented team.
  • Real top projects for clients such as Club Brugge, Studio100, VRT, UGent, ...
  • You can talk 1-on-1 with our lead devs during the selection (they'll tell you the nitty-gritty about the job).
  • The opportunity to work on the latest tools and experiences for national and international organisations.
  • A place in a team with a family feeling.
  • The best laptop and hardware available.
  • The latest platforms available (VR dev kits, Apple dev kits, Arduino kits …).
  • Flexible working hours (really flexible ...).
  • Work from home or in our cosy office in Bruges, near the E40 and the station.
  • A generous budget for books, training, or conferences.
  • An attractive salary with extras.
  • Inspiring conversations during the daily lunch :)
  • We encourage personal growth by giving you the opportunity to develop your own ideas or products.

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